Our Seasons

Like the majority of Ontario, Parry Sound’s climate is considered continental, with January being on average the coldest month of the year and July the warmest.  The Spring, Summer and Fall months allow for a multitude of outdoor activities, with many visitors taking advantage of beautiful Georgian Bay and the surrounding lakes. January temperatures dip to -13.5 degrees Celsius on average and July temperatures peak at 25.1 on average, making the difference in seasonal temperatures quite large.  Winter outdoor enthusiasts flock to Parry Sound, celebrating the bounty of snow.  Many of Parry Sounds businesses are open year round, and a limited number operate seasonally so  it is important to check availability of activities, operating hours of stores and accessibility of destinations before visiting.

The months of March, April and May mean the occasional Spring shower in Parry Sound, giving way to beautiful green surroundings, sunny days and cool nights.  Make sure to layer up and include rain gear for outdoor activities such as golf.  Remember, Spring reaches the North a few weeks behind the Greater Toronto Area, so be sure to pack a light jacket to ensure you are prepared for the cooler nights.

During the summer months of June, July and August expect to enjoy temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius, but close proximity to the water means the temperature can still drop at night so pack a sweater.   Temperatures can reach above 30 on the warmest days, so bring plenty of sunscreen and plan to cool down the old fashion way- at one of Parry Sound’s beautiful public beaches.

Fall in Parry Sound means sweater weather- crisp days with evenings punctuated by beautiful sunsets.  As in the Spring, precipitation is a possibility so along with your sweater be sure to pack rain gear for hiking and warm layers for the cooler nights by the water.

Northern Ontario is known for its glorious snowy winters, and Parry Sound does not disappoint during the winter months of December, January and February.  Proper outerwear will ensure you are protected from the chilly elements while enjoying the many winter activities Parry Sound has to offer.  Be sure to bring proper waterproof boots, gloves and hats, on the coldest days thermal underwear can be a life saver.



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